Honest Food Guide Shows What Your Body Really Needs

August 31, 2010

We’ve all seen the “Food Pyramid,” but did you know that this so-called healthy eating guide was really dreamed up by food industry goons at the last USDA sleepover? Yup- all this time you’ve been thinking that pasta and grains should be the foundation of your diet, when in fact this is just what the companies growing the grain wanted you to think.

To combat thisĀ  diet-washing, the Health Ranger has created the Honest Food Guide, an eating road map that’s designed to benefit you, not Big Business.

The Honest Food Guide is now available for downloading free of charge and is:

  • Free from the corruption and influence of various food industries (dairy, beef, junk foods, etc.)
  • Built using genuine nutritional information, not watered-down information designed to boost the sale of milk, beef and grains

You are what you eat!

Take responsibility for your health and don’t assume just because the government says so.

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